PR Travel Document

Permanent Residents of Canada who are outside Canada need a PR Card or Permanent Resident Travel Document to enter Canada. It is valid for a single entry for persons who do not have a PR card(Card Lost etc.) The PRTD is necessary to travel to Canada without which the entry might be denied.


Apply for a PRTD

The following criteria must be met by a person to obtain a Permanent Resident Travel Document:

    • Be a permanent resident of Canada.
    • Should not have a PR card
    • Should be living outside Canada
  • On meeting these criteria, an application is submitted.
  • The application is then reviewed by a visa officer and the PRTD is issued thereafter.


Apply for a PR card 

A PR card can only be applied by a person on arriving in Canada. Once a person has obtained his/her PRTD, he/she can travel to Canada. On their arrival, the PR card will be applied by the officials at the airport.