Canada has various methodologies for giving visas to the people working in various fields. It is somewhat similar for Caregivers. A foreign national who can give care to kids, elderly, or individuals with disabilities in the comfort of their own homes, should meet specific guidelines to be qualified for the Live-In Caregiver Program in Canada.

The Caregiver should fulfill the requirements according to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada(HRSDC).


Caregiver pilot program

  • For children – The caregiver should give no less than 30 hours of care to a kid (under 18 years).
  • For elderly – The Caregiver should give around 30 hours of care to an old individual (65 or above).
  • For the disabled – The Caregiver should give no less than 30 hours care to a person with disability or any illnesses.


Pre-requisites for a Live-In Caregiver Visa

  • Training and experience – Training of at least 6 months or more preferably, one year of full time paid job as a caregiver or in a connected field in the past three years.
  • Canadian Secondary School Education or equivalent – The person should have 12 years of school education.
  • A written contract/agreement – An understanding among the employer and the caregiver which is endorsed by both. It should include that all the necessities as demonstrated by the HRSDC have been met. The terms and conditions including wages, number of working hours, duties, accommodation, resignation, and termination should also be determined.
  • Positive Labor Market Opinion
  • Work Permit